Q: What is a Trading Agent?
A: Entries in the Trading Agent Competition are software programs designed to trade in electronic markets. We call them “agents” because these programs operate autonomously in the market—sending bids, requesting quotes, accepting offers, and generally negotiating deals according to market rules. Although the agent’s activity is ultimately determined by its programmers, the trading behavior is fully automated in that the humans do not intervene while the negotiation is in progress.

Trading agents face a most challenging task. To play the market effectively, an agent must make real-time decisions in an uncertain and fast-changing environment, taking account of other agents doing the same. Capable agents rapidly assimilate market information from many sources, forecast future events, optimize complex offers and resource allocations, anticipate strategic interactions, and learn from experience. Successful trading agents adopt and extend state-of-the-art techniques from artificial intelligence, operations research, statistics, and other relevant fields.
Q: How do we register for TAC?

A: If you already have an account please login else register. Then, fill out the online registration form at http://tradingagents.eecs.umich.edu/registration/.